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Craig, 54

I have lived many places. North Wales, Merseyside, London, Svendborg, Odense, Aarhus, and Copenhagen. And I have flirted with New York and an Eco Village in Scotland, but I landed in Ringsted. Attracted to Ringsted’s central location and surrounding countryside. After 25 years in Copenhagen, the peace and space of Ringsted was very welcoming.

Ringsted town sits on a hill with a river running along its western border.
For centuries it was the centre of the regions wind and waterpower generation; wind and watermills producing flour. Ringsted was a literal power center.

I am impressed with Ringsted’s history, the three ancient Court Assembly Stones, evidence of Ringsted's role in the making of Denmark.

An important meeting place at the heart of Sjælland

Ringsted has always been someone's home, and now it’s mine, a studio space in a converted Brewery. The Alliance Building in the centre of Ringsted, Ringsted’s Downtown.
The massive wooden beer Barrels replaced with a picture-perfect garden courtyard.

My career has been mostly focused on architecture, climate change adaption and planning, 3D digital technology and lately with content creation and video.

It is great fun exploring and recording Ringsted as a Ringsted Influencer.

The new and old city

For those moving to Ringsted, I recommend watching the Halle film “Vores egen by”, particularly in the company of elder Ringsted citizens. They will be able to tell of how the people in the film were in true life. And they may remember, the horse drawn farming and multi coloured lines of tulips in the fields surrounding Ringsted.

Today the town centre is in the process of shaking off the dust, as the multiyear infrastructure project heads for completion. Ringsted town centre is full of new opportunities (some yet to be discovered) and the new high-speed internet will probably help that.

The North of Ringsted, surrounding the motorway is in the process of becoming a major distribution and production hub, connecting Copenhagen to Hamburg.
While the whole of Ringsted is developing access to its surrounding nature.

I have a feeling Ringsted wants to be at the heart of everything

It is great to see the focus on green transition, the continued development of the bike lanes and the outdoor facilities around the lakes. It is going to get even more fun to live in Ringsted in the future.

My favourite bike ride is through the Allotment gardens (kolonihave) along the rail tracks during summer. The fragrances are magical.

And if you are wondering, my dansk prøve 3 exam is next year. Wish me luck!

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Influencers hygger på café i Ringsted


Om Craig

Alder: 54
Job: Arkitekt
Bor på Pileborggade i Ringsted 
Flyttede til Ringsted Kommune i 2012


I Ringsted by kan du slå dig ned i en historisk købstad med vækst i erhvervslivet, gode uddannelsesmuligheder og et varieret kultur- og handelsliv. Midt på Sjælland og i pendlerafstand til København.

Craig går gennem bymidten i Ringsted